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Day 4: JoyEllen Freeman

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3 responses to “Day 4: JoyEllen Freeman”

  1. Rebecca Littlejohn

    13th May, 11

    This is great, JoyEllen! Thank you for your vulnerability. You get at an important issue with this video — training. What the role of training for the original riders and how did it make things possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise? What sorts of structures were necessary to create that training. And how could such things be invented in our own time? I hope you all will learn a little bit about the Highlander Center, where much of the movement’s philosophy and learning was born. But it’s equally important to think about how the need for training exists now. It’s easier to overcome self-doubt if you know you’ve been prepared and you have partners. So great to meet you all!

  2. freesoft

    13th May, 11

    Thank you..really informative!!

  3. Barbara McCaskill

    15th May, 11

    Awesome conversation JoyEllen! Mr. Patton’s remarks about gathering courage from other people reminds me of similar discussions in the movie Soundtrack for a Revolution. The documentary focuses on the importance and role of songs in the Movement, and I was struck when I watched it on TV last week by how the act of singing together and gathering courage from that seemed as important as the meanings of the lyrics themselves, especially as students were being hauled off to the uncertainty of jail or were facing water hoses in Birmingham or billy clubs in Selma. All of us struggle with self-doubt at times. Your remarks show how we can see these times not as impediments but as opportunities to reach out to other people for resolve, affirmation, and coping strategies. Love the way you finish the Bible quote, too.