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Day 7: Tariq Meyers

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3 responses to “Day 7: Tariq Meyers”

  1. freesoft

    15th May, 11

    Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Rebecca Littlejohn

    15th May, 11

    This is powerful, Tariq. Thank you! That park is an incredible place. I am glad you felt some love in Anniston.

  3. Edie E.

    25th May, 11

    Tariq, your writing is eloquent. Your articulation of the notion of love, powerful. As one who was born back in those woeful days, I am so proud and pleased to see young men and women such as yourself involved in this project.

    As they say in the Jewish community, “Never again.” So as the lady said in New Orleans – it’s your turn now. From what I see in you and some of the riders I met in Atlanta (@ Morehouse) you all have what it takes to bring us to the next step in this journey.

    It gives me hope that MY son, who is biracial and only 12, has leaders ahead of him like you.