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Day 8: Anna Nutter

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1 response to “Day 8: Anna Nutter”

  1. Rebecca Littlejohn

    17th May, 11

    Anna, thank you for being willing to share this. That was brave. The truth is that non-violence is very hard. However, I think there is something to remember about the context that makes a huge difference. The suffering of the movement was redemptive because it was non-violent, but also because it was strategic. I think of Matthew 10:16, where Jesus tells the disciples to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” The self-suffering of the movement was not random; it was craftily planned. It happened, on purpose, in public. It is different than a woman being abused by her spouse or lover. (Though the church has, to its shame, tried to use similar justifications to keep women in abusive marriages.) It is different than someone being beaten up in a back alley. It was non-violence on display to a world that needed that sort of shock to wake up to the changes that were required for justice. The Freedom Riders were a community undergoing violence together, not a collection of individual crime victims. Context is vital, and in this situation, the strategic nature of the suffering made the difference. Does that help?