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Freedom Riders Poster Series

I am thankful for Jake Andrews, a graphic design student, artist, and friend at The University of Alabama, for creating this poster series about the 2011 Student Freedom Ride.

Jake and I have collaborated on a variety of projects over the past four years, so when I decided to start a blog for the 2011 Student Freedom Ride, he was the obvious choice to create a header. We briefly talked about the purpose of the blog, and then he went to work.

When I saw his work a few days later, my jaw dropped. He had managed to capture the spirit of the trip through design. He offered to design other pieces for the trip, so I took him up on it.

This series is his creation. His own words describe the power of the series:

I used the key words that you wanted and highlighted the routes that the Freedom Riders took. I used a map of all the routes that Freedom Riders took during the period… not the one specific to the first route though.

It’s kind of hard to explain the concept that I came up with in words. It’s something you’ll just have to see. The individual posters might be a little confusing at first, but when you put them all together they complete the image of the routes of the Freedom Riders in the 60s.

I think the key to the series is not focusing on individual posters as much as how the series is completed once all the posters are put together.

Our hope is that you will share these with your friends & family. Please use this series to connect others with the spirit of the Freedom Riders from 1961 to 2011!

Marshall Houston


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