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Day 10: Benjameen Quarless

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3 responses to “Day 10: Benjameen Quarless”

  1. freesoft

    18th May, 11

    Thank you..really informative!!

  2. Patty Starkey

    18th May, 11

    Benjameen: What an experience. I am glad you were chosen. Our program, I believe, was life changing television. It made all thinking, caring people, regardless of race, pulling for the freedoms reflected in that courageous time on those buses. The struggles are still not over, but hopefully the horrific years are behind us!

  3. Joan Singler

    2nd Sep, 11

    I watched and listened to your comments and reactions to your experience as a Freedom Rider. I also read reactions of the other young Freedom Riders. I was
    moved to hear what you and the other young people had to say. It gives me hope that we have 40 more people in your generation who will take your message to a wider community. We desperately need people who can view the world and those diverse humans that make up our universe without prejudice.

    Just a footnote. We are designing a website to go along with our book
    Seattle in Black and White, and it will include Ray Cooper’s story – the Freedom Rider from Seattle back in 1961.

    My very best to you.
    Joan Singler