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Influenza 1918
Tuesday, January 2, 9/8c

Into the Amazon
Tuesday, January 9, 9/8c

The Secret of Tuxedo Park
Tuesday, January 16, 9/8c

Triangle Fire
Tuesday, January 30, 9/8c

The Gilded Age
Tuesday, February 6, 9/8c

The Bombing of Wall Street
Tuesday, February 13, 9/8c

Roads to Memphis
Tuesday, April 3, 8/7c

Recently aired: 

The Great War: Part 1
Monday, April 10, 9/8c

The Great War: Part 2
Tuesday, April 11, 9/8c

The Great War: Part 3
Wednesday, April 12, 9/8c

Grand Coulee Dam
Tuesday, April 18, 8/7c

Command and Control
Tuesday, April 25, 8/7c

Ripley: Believe It or Not
Tuesday, May 02, 9/8c

Bonnie & Clyde
Tuesday, May 09, 9/8c

Summer of Love
Tuesday, July 25, 8/7c

Boys of '36
Tuesday, Aug 01, 8/7c

Oklahoma City
Thursday, Aug 24, 8/7c

Ruby Ridge
Thursday, Aug 24, 10/9c

Walt Disney, Part 1
Tuesday, Aug 29, 8/7c

Walt Disney, Part 2
Tuesday, Sept 5, 8/7c

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