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Mar 1, 2016 - 9:00 PM

Space Men: 1 hr

They were the first to brave the unknown.

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The Big Burn
Apr 26, 2016 - 8:00 PM

The Big Burn: 1 hr

It was the largest fire in American history: by the time it was all over, more than three million acres had burned and at least 78 firefighters were dead.

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The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime: 1 hr

The shocking story of Richard Leopold and Nathan Loeb, two wealthy college students who murdered a 14-year-old boy in 1924.

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murder of a president

Murder of a President: 2 hrs

The story of James Garfield, one of the most extraordinary men ever elected president, and his assassination by a deluded madman.

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The Mine Wars

The Mine Wars: 2 hrs

The coal miners' battle for dignity led to the largest armed insurrection since the American Civil War.

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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde: 1 hr

The true story behind the most romanticized, infamous outlaw couple in U.S. history and their gang.

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The Pilgrims

The Pilgrims: 2 hrs

The converging forces, circumstances, personalities and events that propelled a group of English men and women west across the Atlantic in 1620.

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american comandante

American Comandante: 1 hr

American comandante William Morgan went to Cuba to help Fidel Castro return the country to a democracy. Instead, four years later, he was executed.

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war of the worlds

War of the Worlds: 1 hr

Explore how Orson Welles' genius use of the new medium of radio struck fear into an already anxious nation.

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The Forgotten Plague

The Forgotten Plague: 1 hr

The impact of tuberculosis in America, once the deadliest killer in human history.

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