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Central America/Caribbean
    Puerto Rico Seal The status of Puerto Rico as an unconsolidated US territory is confirmed by the Foraker Act. Under the act civil government was established in Puerto Rico, with the US appointing the governor and an 11-member executive council made up of 6 department heads and 5 other Puerto Ricans. Additionally, a tariff was placed on goods shipped between the US and Puerto Rico.

    Road workers in Puerto Rico go out on strike, causing much disruption to the island's commerce. Five hundred workers employed by the Ponce-Adjutas-Utado demanded a pay increase to 5 cents (gold) per hour, up from 2 cents (gold).

    Fighting in the streets of Panama poses concern for the US as free transit between Colon and Panama appears threatened.

    An economic crisis in Guatemala forces the government to stop the importation of goods. A near collapse of nation's money markets leads to a reported complete stagnation of business.

    President Zelaya of Nicaragua painted a picture of peace and relative prosperity during his address to the Nicaraguan Congress. Zelaya also pointed out that he saw no sign of revolutionary movements or other conspiracies.

    Mosquito Working in Cuba, Army Surgeon Dr. Walter Reed conducts experiments determining that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes. Reed's work confirms a theory first proposed by Dr. Carlos Finlay of Havana in 1881.

    Fourteen hundred kilos of opium, worth nearly $20,000, is seized as it is being brought into harbor at Havana, Cuba.

    In Jamaica, celebrations take place to mark the establishment of a direct line of steamers running between Jamaica and Bristol. Jamaican Governor Sir Augustus Hemming presided over a banquet in Kingston to mark the occasion.

    A constitutional convention is held in Havana, Cuba. The island nation had been occupied by American forces since the expulsion of Spanish forces by the US.

    The first overseas telephone call is made between Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba.

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