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North America
    Diaz The Mexico City Electric Vehicle Company begins service with a ceremony attended by Mexican president Diaz.

    President William McKinley announces his intention to run for re-election.

    The Colima Volcano on the Pacific coast of Mexico erupts, sending waves of lava into nearby villages. Local Indians are forced to seek refuge in the Santa Ana mines in the center of Colima's copper region. Mexican troops, however, drive the Indians from the mines and force them back to their homes.

    Boxers The Chinese government is issued an ultimatum by France, Germany, Britain, and the US to suppress the Boxer uprising.

    James T. Caffery is the winner at the 4th running of the Boston Marathon. Caffery, of Hamilton, Ontario finishes with a winning time of 2:39:44.

    Fire devastates the Canadian cities of Hull and Ottawa, resulting in over $15 million in damage. In less than 12 hours, 12,000 people are left homeless as 5 square miles of homes and buildings are destroyed.

    President Diaz of Mexico opens the spring session of Congress with a speech highlighting a treaty of commerce and friendship with China, welcoming a Pan-American Congress, and denying that bubonic plague has made an appearance in Mexican territory.

    Paris, France, is the site of the Summer Olympics, called the International Meeting of Physical Training and Sport. Over 1500 athletes from 22 nations compete for medals. France takes the lion's share of gold medals, winning 29. The US follows with 20.

    Italian laborers, imported to Mexico to work on the construction of the Vera Cruz and Pacific railroads, refuse to work. The Mexican government made it clear to their Italian counterparts that the non-working laborers would be deported

    An 8-member Allied relief force ends the siege of legations in Peking, China. There, the combined forces of the US, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Great Britain succeeded in driving the Boxers and a band of Chinese regulars out of the captured city.

    Farmers outside of London stage a protest over the introduction of time-saving and labor-reducing farming devices imported from the United States.

    Public School Fifteen million children in the US attend public schools. Beyond the basics, there is little consensus concerning what they should be taught.

    Seventeen French fishing vessels go missing off the coast of Newfoundland during a hurricane, causing over 400 casualties.

    The presidential election of 1900 turns out to be the most expensive in US history. One report estimates the cost to have reached $5 million.

    J.P. Morgan buys Carnegie Steel from Andrew Carnegie for $480 million. Morgan forms United States Steel Corporation.

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