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South America
    Unconfirmed reports out of Chile detail an alleged alliance between Peru, Boliva, and Argentina against Chile.

    Uruguay contends with heavy floods that cause the destruction of cattle and wheat.

    Citizens of Santiago, Chile, experience their first ride of the city's new electric tram car.

    The government of Chile approves the expediture of $2,500,000 (Chilean currency) to purchase automobiles, primarily from the US.

    Thousands perish as earthquakes rock Ecuador and Peru.

    Tremors are felt as far as the Andes as an earthquake rocks Caracas, Venezuela.

    Leaders from Chile and Argentina meet in Buenos Aires to sign a protocol putting to end speculation concerning strained relations between the two Latin American nations. Tensions arose between the nations when Argentine colonists occupied a portion of a disputed territory in Patagonia called Ultima Esperanza, and were ejected by Chilean police.

    Civil war breaks out in Colombia.

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