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An attempt is made on the life of the Prince of Wales during his visit to Brussels. A sixteen-year-old boy, who claimed to be avenging the "thousands slaughtered in South Africa," is arrested after firing two shots at the Prince. Both shots missed. (Europe, Africa)

Queen Victoria Enthusiastic crowds greet Queen Victoria as she visits Dublin, Ireland. (Europe)

The Automobile Club of America hosts the US's first automobile race in New York. Nine cars raced along Merrick road on Long Island from Springfield to Babylon, twenty-five miles each way. A.L. Riker, driving an electric motorcar, was the winner, finishing in just over two hours. (Northeast/US)

Apache Indians in Tucson, Arizona are reported to have "raided" white citizens. (Southwest/US)

Brigadier General Funston, serving in Manila, is investigated for ordering the hanging, without trial, of two Filipinos who were alleged to have attacked an American scout party. (Asia)

The US Senate passes a bill setting aside preservation land in New Mexico for rapidly dwindling buffalo populations. (Southwest/US)

Blas Aguirre, a native of Texas, is extradited to Juarez, Mexico from El Paso, Texas. Aguirre was accused of participating in a raid across the border that resulted in the death of a Mexican citizen. Aguirre was charged with murder. (Southwest US)

As the number of pedestrians hit by automobiles increases, the city of Chicago considers a bill requiring cars to have fenders. (Midwest/US)

Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie donates another $3.6 million to the Trustees of the Carnegie Library and Institute in Pittsburgh. (Northeast/US)

Labor unrest dominates the news as ironworkers in Cincinnati, tinners and sheet-metal workers in Kansas City, boilermakers in Akron, Ohio, and Italian blacksmiths in Croton Landing, New York go out on strike, sometimes turning violent. (Northeast, Midwest/US)

Baseball season gets under way as teams from the newly formed American League take to the field. Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Buffalo make up the charter cities with teams in the upstart league. (Northeast, Midwest/US)

Hawaii joins Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona as a US territory. Sanford B. Dole is appointed governor of the new territory. (Southwest, Northwest/US)

Fire devastates the Canadian cities of Hull and Ottawa, resulting in over $15 million in damage. In less than 12 hours, 12,000 people are left homeless as 5 square miles of homes and buildings are destroyed. (North America)

France makes strides toward linking all its possessions in Africa by defeating Rabah Zubayr in the Battle at Kusseri, thereby gaining control of the Baguirmi Kingdom. France already controls Algeria, West Africa, and the French Congo. (Europe, Africa)

The Chinese government is issued an ultimatum by France, Germany, Britain, and the US to suppress the Boxer uprising. (North America, Asia, Europe)

Seal The status of Puerto Rico as an unconsolidated US territory is confirmed by the Foraker Act. Under the act civil government was established in Puerto Rico, with the US appointing the governor and an 11-member executive council made up of 6 department heads and 5 other Puerto Ricans. Additionally, a tariff was placed on goods shipped between the US and Puerto Rico. (Central America/Caribbean)

James T. Caffery is the winner at the 4th running of the Boston Marathon. Caffery, of Hamilton, Ontario finishes with a winning time of 2:39:44. (Northeast/US, North America)

Admiral George Dewey announces from Washington, DC, his willingness to serve as president "if the American people want me for this high office." (Northeast/US)

Fighting in the streets of Panama poses concern for the US as free transit between Colon and Panama appears threatened. (Central America/Caribbean)

Late frosts inflict considerable damage to the fruit and vegetable crops in Central and Southern Mississippi. Farmers brace themselves to lose up to 35% of their crop. (Southeast/US)

President Diaz of Mexico opens the spring session of Congress with a speech highlighting a treaty of commerce and friendship with China, welcoming a Pan-American Congress, and denying that bubonic plague has made an appearance in Mexican territory. (North America)

Uruguay contends with heavy floods that cause the destruction of cattle and wheat. (South America)

Citizens of Santiago, Chile, experience their first ride of the city's new electric tram car. (South America)

Road workers in Puerto Rico go out on strike, causing much disruption to the island's commerce. Five hundred workers employed by the Ponce-Adjutas-Utado demanded a pay increase to 5 cents (gold) per hour, up from 2 cents (gold). (Central America/Caribbean)

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