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Farmers outside of London stage a protest over the introduction of time-saving and labor-reducing farming devices imported from the United States. (Europe, North America)

Insurrectionists in Persia attempt to dethrone the Shah.(Asia)

The death of a policeman, wounded in a scuffle with an African American, sets off racial violence in New York City. The New York Times reported that "every trolley car passing up or down Eight Avenue was stopped and every negro on board was dragged out, and beaten." The uproar led to demands for investigations into police brutality in New York City. (Northeast/US)

British authorities begin placing Boer resisters and guerrilla warriors into concentration camps in southern Africa. (Asia)

Thousands perish as earthquakes rock Ecuador and Peru. (South America)

An 8-member Allied relief force ends the siege of legations in Peking, China. There, the combined forces of the US, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Great Britain succeeded in driving the Boxers and a band of Chinese regulars out of the captured city. (North America, Asia, Europe)

German philosopher and poet, Friedrich Nietzsche dies. Nietzsche's controversial writings were harshly critical of Christianity. (Europe)

Booker T. Washington Booker T. Washington's National Negro Business League is formed in Boston, Massachusetts, with the objective of stimulating African American businesses. Washington was elected the organization's first president. (Northeast/US)

Farmers meeting in Topeka, Kansas, agree to form a trust to control agricultural output within the Mississippi Valley. (Midwest/US)

Famine-stricken India is relieved and hopeful due to recent rains. Severe droughts of the past two years led to nearly 90% of the country's cattle dying and produced over a half million orphans. (Asia)

The government of Chile approves the expediture of $2,500,000 (Chilean currency) to purchase automobiles, primarily from the US. (South America)

President Zelaya of Nicaragua painted a picture of peace and relative prosperity during his address to the Nicaraguan Congress. Zelaya also pointed out that he saw no sign of revolutionary movements or other conspiracies. (Central America/Caribbean)

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