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Thirty-two miners are trapped underground after a mine collapses in Dunsmore, Pennsylvania. Just over two hours after the collapse all 32 men emerge, bloodied, but alive. (Northeast/US)

J.P. Morgan J.P. Morgan buys Carnegie Steel from Andrew Carnegie for $480 million. Morgan forms United States Steel Corporation. (North America)

John Fitzgerald of Boston and George White of North Carolina announce the end of their respective congressional careers. (Northeast, Southeast/US)

Washington, DC, celebrates its 100th anniversary. (Northeast/US)

Civil war breaks out in Colombia. (South America)

The Colored Men's Branch of the YMCA, founded by Baptist pastor Charles Thomas, opens in New York City. The branch is accepted by the YMCA as a regular branch. (Northeast/US)

German physicist Max Planck announces what would come to be known as quantum theory. Planck maintains that light rays are not continuous but are emitted in discrete amounts called quanta. (Europe)

New York City's Park Row building is now, at 32 stories, the world's tallest building. Meanwhile, final contracts are signed to begin construction of the city's first subway system. (Northeast/US)

Sapho On Broadway, Olga Nethersole's play "Sapho" sparks a major controversy that leads to an indecency trial. (Northeast/US)

A New York Tribune editorial criticizes the lack of consideration shown pedestrians by the city's automobile drivers: "He (the driver) considered his responsibility fully discharged by the ringing of the gong." (Northeast/US)

The first overseas telephone call is made between Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba. (Southeast/US, Central America/Caribbean)

Boston's last horse drawn trolley car is replaced by a twelve-passenger electric bus. (Northeast)

The American Bridge Company secures a contract to construct 34 bridges along the Uganda Railway. Engineers estimated that the job would require more than 8000 tons of structural steel, costing more than $1 million. (Africa)

Leaders from Chile and Argentina meet in Buenos Aires to sign a protocol putting to end speculation concerning strained relations between the two Latin American nations. Tensions arose between the nations when Argentine colonists occupied a portion of a disputed territory in Patagonia called Ultima Esperanza, and were ejected by Chilean police. (South America)

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