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Jonathan Railroad engineer Jonathan "Casey" Jones of Jackson, Tennessee, is killed in Vaughn, Mississippi during a collision on the Illinois Central Railroad. The fatal mishap is linked to Jones' inability to read signal lights in a dense fog as he engineered the Cannonball Express. Jones' plight would be detailed in the famous song "The Ballad of Casey Jones." (Southeast/US)

Johannesburg, South Africa, falls to the British as the Boer War continues. (Africa)

In Washington, DC, the era of the horsecar comes to a close as the last horsecar makes its final run. (Northeast/US)

Lakeview, Oregon, is the site of a fire that destroys 64 buildings. (Northwest/US)

According to press reports, England has drawn up a draft agreement with the kingdom of Uganda. The king is to receive an allowance and the Katekiro (Prime Minister) will be paid a salary. (Africa)

Paris, France, is the site of the Summer Olympics, called the International Meeting of Physical Training and Sport. Over 1500 athletes from 22 nations compete for medals. France takes the lion's share of gold medals, winning 29. The US follows with 20. (Europe, North America)

Louisville, Kentucky, is the site of a reunion of 40,000 veterans of the Confederate Army. More than 100,000 people attend the event. (Midwest/US)

A deadly explosion at the Winter Quarters mine in Scofield, Utah, kills over 200 miners. (Southwest/US)

Italian laborers, imported to Mexico to work on the construction of the Vera Cruz and Pacific railroads, refuse to work. The Mexican government made it clear to their Italian counterparts that the non-working laborers would be deported. (North America/Europe)

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