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Marshall Rosenbluth on: Enrico Fermi
Q: What were your first impressions of Fermi and how do you remember Teller at that time (after the war)?

MR: Well, let's see, I guess, Fermi would give very clear, simple lectures on complicated subjects. It must have been maybe a month after I had enrolled (at the University of Chicago), and he always did it with very little mathematics. And one of his lectures, a couple of months into the semester, I remember I found a step that he had done that was just wrong, which he kind of glossed over. So, being proud of myself, I dashed up to his office to ask him about this. I didn't understand what he had done on this step, and he muttered something like,, young man come with me. He wandered over to his file cabinet, and the walls were covered with these huge file cabinets, and pulled out some drawer and popped open the file and there the whole thing was worked out with very elegant mathematics, which is very rare for an experimental physicist. He then chuckled and said, well, if you want to find the way it is really done, it is here, but please don't tell any of my colleagues. So, he could cover the whole spectrum from theory to experiment. Teller was a little different. He was very mercurial and would get a new idea every minute, and his courses, I hope he doesn't see this, were quite disorganized, but also fascinating. Just talking to him, you had the feeling of a brilliant intellect who knew everything about everything, and he and Fermi would often get into debates on physics. It would be hard to say who came out ahead, but it was certainly wonderful to listen to them.

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