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Klaus Fuchs' Oath of Secrecy

June 18, 1942
On January 27, 1950 Klaus Fuchs, a British Scientist who had worked on the atomic bomb at Los Alamos during the war, confessed to being a Soviet spy. On March 1, 1950 he was tried and found guilty at the Old Bailey in London.

To:The Secretary,
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

I, K. Fuchs, understand that the investigation on Tube Alloys Research or any work in connection therewith on which I am engaged in the University of Birmingham, is being undertaken by me solely on behalf of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, that it is confidential and that no information concerning it is to be communicated or published in any way by me except (a) to those my colleagues of whose names I have been or will from time to time be informed in writing by Prof. R. Peirels or (b) to the secretary of the Department, or (c) to the Director of Tube Alloys Research of the Department or (d) to a person who shall have been notified in writing to me by Prof R. Peierls or by the Secretary or Director, as aforesaid, as authorized to receive such information.

I have seen and read copies of the Official Secrets Acts, 1911, 1920 and 1939.

I understand that the results of the investigation, (hereinafter called "the results" which expression includes as well as all principal discoveries inventions and other results arising from the investigation all discoveries inventions and other results arising from the investigation which are indirectly concerned with its principal objects) are the property solely of the Department and in consideration of the Department entrusting me with the investigation or with any work in connection therewith I undertake not to make any application for my patent or other protection in respect of any such discoveries or inventions without the prior written consent of the Department, and if and when, and only when, called upon so to do by the Department through its representative duly authorized in manner as stated at paragraph (d) above, to sign any document and to do any other act or thing at the Department's expense, as may be necessary to secure to the Department or its nominee any Letters Patent or other protection or rights in the results and to assign any such Letters Patent or other protection or rights as shall be directed by the Department; but this shall not prevent me, if I do so desire, from applying to the Department for an ex gratia award in respect of any such discovery or invention.

I understand that the use of the results will be controlled, and all negotiations for such use conducted by the Department and in consideration as aforesaid I undertake to do nothing in relation to the results or any Letters Patent or other protection or rights which may arise therefrom or obtain in connection therewith except with the prior written consent of, or by the prior written direction of, the Department, and only in accordance with such consent or direction.

I understand that these provisions apply also to any other investigations forming part of the same general programme on which I may have been engaged in the past or may be engaged in the future on behalf of any Department of H.W. Government in so far as these are not covered by any other written agreement or statement past or future signed by me.

Dated this 18th day of June, 1942.

(Signed) Klaus Fuchs.

Witness: R. Peierls.

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