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New School Inauguration, 1971 (2:37)
Fidel Castro opens new schools in rural Cuba.

The first prefabricated high school built in a rural area opened during the second semester of 1970. It is called Mártires de Kent ("Martyrs of Kent") and is located at the Artemisa banana plantation in Havana.

Fidel opened the second rural high school on January 7 of the current year, 1971. It is the Ceiba Uno ("Ceiba One") school, located in Ceiba del Agua, Havana.

On April 25 in Jaguey, in the province of Matanzas, Fidel opened the third rural high school. (Fidel Castro VO): "As we have said on other occasions, our country could not build schools like this one without economic development. Our country could not build something like this if our educational movement, if our educational program weren't linked to the country's development, since schools like this one do not come from heaven. The resources and investment required to build schools like this one do not come from heaven. They must be created by the country's economy. That is why schools are built in areas where students can take part in the economic development of the country. And another thing: if these schools did not combine work with academic studies, they would not be communist schools."

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