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Murder of the Century: Sex, Money, and Murder

The Story's Lasting Appeal:
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...the Stanford White case has lasted almost 100 years now, because of the simplicity with which it was reduced by the needs of the press, and to try to speculate on the nature of Evelyn Nesbit's true feelings about Stanford White. Or to speculate on White's own feelings in the last months of his life, when he had private detectives tailing Thaw, Thaw had private detectives trailing White, there was an increased sense of an emergency, something awful was going to happen, something awful was bound to happen, and White was in effect, running faster and faster could not know what the end was going to be, but it couldn't have got any better, it could only have got worse, and meanwhile, he had no money, he was desperately in debt, he owed the firm, his great collection of antiques was used to fob off legitimately on his clients, antiquities of various kinds, had been burned in a warehouse. The one thing he had of any commercial value had been lost to him. Blow after blow had either fallen or was about to fall. And there it all was, and he was only, after all, 53 and he was not altogether form, but he still had a doting mother, he had a family, he had all these other things, and all of it coming to a tremendous climax in his death. This was just bound to be one of the great stories.