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The Great Fever
Camp Lazear
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Camp Lazear

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On October 23, 1900, U.S. Army Major Walter Reed presented the theory that mosquitoes were responsible for the transmission of yellow fever to the American Public Health Association in Indianapolis. His assertion followed months of tests by a four member U.S. Army Yellow Fever Board in Cuba. Only one month before, one of the board members who conducted many of the tests involving infected mosquitoes, Jesse Lazear, died from yellow fever.

Determined to prove the mosquito theory, Reed returned to Cuba, to a small quarantined area on the outskirts of an American military base west of Havana. In honor of his late colleague, he dubbed the testing area, Camp Lazear.

Open up the Camp Lazear case file to learn about the tests that Reed and his team conducted in November 1900.

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The Great Fever American Experience

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