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Federalists and Republicans On Slavery (1:36)

Peter Fenner, Federalist newspaperman: And then, the cap of liberty is placed on the head of each member in the hope that tyranny will be overthrown in this happy land. That's the precious jewel of the Southerners. But look at it's setting, placed right beside this; "For Sale, A Comely Negro Wench 15 years old near five feet tall, strong, and remarkably healthy." Oh, happy Virginians! After singing hymns to the goddess of liberty and death to tyrants this virtuous democrat goes home to his peaceful dwelling and sleeps, his property secure beneath his roof, sometimes in his very arms. And, when, because of his "industry" his property grows in value, it bears further proof to the wonders of his democratic ideals.

Henry Lee, Republican: This peculiar institution is one for which there is no remedy, and so, as wise men we must all acquiesce. When we formed this country we accepted each other for better or worse. The northern states adopted us with our slaves, and we adopted them with their Quakers.

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