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November 1940
The Kleins hope that the paperwork for their visa application will be forwarded from the consulate in Stuttgart to the one in Marseilles, but they worry that they may have to begin the application process all over again.

Camp de Gurs, Basses Pyrenées
Ilot E, Baraque 26

15 November, 1940

Dear Children,

In reply to your cable of Nov. 10, I answered today, as follows: [In French] "ask Consulate in Stuttgart to send affidavits to Marseilles."

Because we no longer can write to Germany, I am asking that you do it for us. The Jewish Aid Society has initiated its activities here, however nothing will move that quickly and we will be glad if our case will come up by next spring, providing the authorities in the U.S. will issue the proper directives. Otherwise all will be in vain. [Perhaps a reference, among other obstacles, to the fact that their affidavits would expire by spring.]

It is to be hoped you received my letter of last week, as well as those from Mother. I have not seen the latter in about 2 weeks, but news from her reaches me almost daily...May God compensate you for all the sacrifices you are compelled to bring in our behalf...

So far I have not been able to meet Uncle Sigmund, whereas I saw Bernhard twice up to now. [Concluding phrases and wishes.]

Your Father

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