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Stevenson Corey on: Byrd's Ordeal at Advance Base
Stevenson Corey Q: How big was advance base and how much room did Byrd have to move around?

SC: I have forgotten the details of the size of advance base but it was a small room, held a bunk and a stove and ah radio facilities, gave him room to turnaround in. Toilet facilities were out outside, a tunnel that connected advance base to a place, out in the snow.

Q: What went wrong at advance base and what effect did it have on Byrd?

SC: I think initially, we start with him and just say that, he wasn't the most robust man in the world. Secondly, I think that the failure on his part, not to knock the accumulation of moisture in the stove, in the ventilating pipe, permitting the building up of ice, in that pipe, so that gradually it almost shut off the fresh air supply.

Q: So, what was going wrong for Byrd? What did he fail to do at advance base that caused him trouble?

SC: We had impressed on him, we thought that this fuel, this stove pipe, so-called which was the air vent, was to be kept clear. He either didn't do it often enough or forgot, so that the moisture that accumulated in the cabin, going through that pipe, instead of going completely out, accumulated on the inside and built up, so that the 12 inch diameter that we started him with, got down to just a very few inches, resulting in the fact that the fumes that were not, fresh accumulated and caused I suppose, a poisoning of, I'll say carbon monoxide, I don't know that that's the proper one. But, that poisoned him and didn't help and that contributed to a great deal of his discomfort and problem.

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