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% When Alfred Kinsey's first news-making report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male came out in 1948, it caused a stir -- but few complaints about its portrayal of male sexuality.

However, when Kinsey released his volume on females in 1953, some Americans were angered, feeling that the book insulted an ideal of womanhood. For women, the post-World War II era had brought a baby boom, an emphasis on housewifely success, and the rise of conservative social ideals. A woman named Anita Fream would recall growing up in that era: "...for a woman to experience her own sexuality at an early age, meaning in her teens, meant she was bad and not the kind of girl that you'd want to run around with if you were another teenager. Certainly not the kind of girl you'd want to admit to be."

Yet in the years following Kinsey's two influential reports, mainstream ideas about women and sex would change profoundly. Events impacting people's attitudes included the development of the birth control pill, the rise of feminism and the women's liberation movement, and an evolving acceptance of women in the workforce and as independent decision-makers.

How much have things changed? If Kinsey's report had been published this year instead of in 1953, do you think there would be an angry reaction in defense of American womanhood?




Did you watch the film, "Kinsey"?
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If yes, did it influence your answers?




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