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Summer of Love
Looking Back

Judy Goldhaft is a dancer who moved to San Francisco after college and became part of the radical San Francisco Mime Troupe and an anarchist street theater group, the Diggers.

Judy Goldhaft

If you made a chart of all the things we were trying to do in the Summer of Love, they've all been done. The change with society has been so complete that everything we wanted to accomplish has been accomplished, really. Maybe not the best, maybe it's not finished -- but all the basic things that we were trying to do. A more natural lifestyle ... the organic foods movement is incredibly strong. The local foods movement is incredibly strong. The alternative medicine -- nobody knew about anything except Western industrial medicine at that point. We began experimenting with herbs and looking for less invasive ways to do things. And they began working.

We wanted to move the puritanical Fifties culture into a more sensuous, luxurious, exuberant society. I think that's happened. Everything is out in the open. The sensuality and sexuality has been expanded. It's appreciated. It's delighted in. I think our society has kind of gotten there.

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Summer of Love American Experience

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