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Summer of Love
Looking Back

Art Gerrans was born and raised in the Haight district and served on the San Francisco police force during the Summer of Love.

Art Gerrans
Art Gerrans posing in uniform with one of his kids, 1965.

It's hard to say whether there was anything positive about it. I don't think the drugs out there were positive... We still have drug problems in this country, and we sure lost the war on drugs. I think some of them meant well. This country is based on freedom, and freedom to voice your opinion, and freedom to protest. ... They were protesting against the Vietnam War, and maybe they were right in some respects.

...They did demonstrate, I mean, they weren't breaking the law. That's the freedom, that's why we're police officers, to give people freedom to do what they want in this country. And then that's why soldiers are soldiers, so we could have freedom. Some people abuse it. These people were supportive of the anti-war movement, but on the other hand, back in the Haight-Ashbury, where they were living, their culture there -- having sex with minors and committing statutory rape and using dope and murders -- they were violating the law, so we were arresting them. I guess they were rebelling against authority.

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Summer of Love American Experience

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