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Stephen Ambrose on: Pacific Theatre vs. European Theatre
Stephen Ambrose Q: MacArthur was always whining in the Southwest Pacific about not getting enough support and troops and materiel. Did Eisenhower feel that he had everything he needed in Africa, would he have reacted that way, did he ever whine and complain?

AMBROSE: There's never been a general in history who didn't feel that he could have used more troops and a large part that's one of the responsibilities of a theater commander is to demand more support from the home front. So, of course, Eisenhower was demanding more support and in some measure getting it.

This business of everything went to Europe and MacArthur was fighting on a shoestring in the Pacific, however, is a myth. 60% of the American effort went into Europe, 40% went into the Pacific. Now that's about right when you think about the relative strength of Germany and Japan.

To hear MacArthur tell it, the nation just ignored the war going on in the Pacific and especially the political leaders. But in fact, we undertook our first offensives in World War II in the Pacific at Guadalcanal and follow-up we didn't go over to the offensive in Europe until 1943, into the Mediterranean. No general ever has enough support. MacArthur was getting plenty of support.

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