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Faubion Bowers on: Riding to the Dai Ichi with MacArthur
Faubion Bowers BOWERS: I can't remember how this came about, but one morning when I drove to the office with him at the Dai Ichi and back every day, and we no sooner got in the car and started out and he turned to me and said, "Gossip is a terrible thing." And I was rather surprised. He always initiated conversation. He was rather deaf you know, and he talked all the time to sort of cover that. But I said, how so? Or something of that sort. He said, "You know, it can destroy you. Gossip can cause you great trouble." And he said, "You know, that rumor in the Philippines." And I said, what rumor? He said, "You know, the rumor." And then finally it dawned on me, the rumor of "Dugout Doug." He said, "Because of that rumor, I, on Bataan and Corregidor had to expose myself everytime a Japanese air raid. I had to show myself to the troops unarmed facing that," and he said, "I could have been killed." ...MacArthur was paranoid. He was so afraid of being spoken ill of. And if you didn't sing his praises you were a mortal enemy. As Eisenhower said, bootlickers will be the death of that man. They almost were.

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