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Honor Guard Daniel Finn on: MacArthur's Birthday
Honor Guard Daniel Finn FINN: On the day of his birthday, the Honor Guard Platoon assembled on the upper driveway. The car was ready, the sergeant had the door open, the majordomo usually proceeded him out to the car. As he came out Sergeant Ellery, who was in command of the platoon, the officers were to the rear and to the right, called the platoon to attention and present arms and saluted. And said to the General, the Honor Guard would like to wish you a Happy Birthday, General. And he took the salute and said, thank you very much.

But then he walked over to the platoon and told Sergeant Ellery to place the men at ease. He then talked to Sergeant Ellery and said come with me and he walked around and went to each man reviewing the troops if you will in a very informal way, but he stopped at each man and we were close enough to hear the conversation. He would ask the men where they came from, how long they'd been in the service, what unit they had come from and something about the town. Now he either knew the general area or he knew the town and he always made some sort of response remark to each man. He went down the first, then the second, then the third rank that occupied about three quarters of an hour much to our surprise and then he returned to the front of the platoon and said, "Gentlemen, on behalf of Mrs. MacArthur and myself I would like to thank you for this salute."

And as he walked away Sergeant Ellery called them to attention again, brought them to a salute status and he turned once more and just be, when he was entering the car saluted again and went away. And he left a very euphoric feeling in the men because neither they nor we nor anyone else expected that type of response. We thought that we would get a quick salute, thank you, get in the car and go and it was... but for us it was one of the indicators that he really respected and thought kindly of the Honor Guard and they weren't just routine people hanging around to serve him. And it was a fine day for us it really was a fine day.

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