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Carol Gluck on: MacArthur's "Missionary Zeal" in Japan
Carol Gluck Q: Can you describe his missionary zeal - what he brings to this mission?

GLUCK: I think that General Douglas MacArthur represented the way a lot of Americans felt in 1945, having just won this awful war against evil, against Nazism and fascism, in the service of peace and democracy. And, I think many Americans felt that the peoples of the world, if given the choice would prefer to live peaceably and democratically.

And so, MacArthur went to Japan with the missionary zeal, with the vision that epitomized this view of transforming Japan utterly from this war-time, imperialistic, militaristic, feudalistic, as he always said, country, into a peaceable democratic nation. And, it's that missionary zeal that MacArthur represented to the Japanese, as well: "I am the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers and we are here to transform you into a state in which you will be happier, better off." And, you will experience, what he always said, a spiritual revolution -- that's missionary zeal.

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