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Col. Harry Maihafer on: MacArthur's Dismissal (as Greek tragedy)
Col. Harry Maihafer Q: What do you think was going through MacArthur's head when he challenged Truman?

MAIHAFER: I think it was almost inevitable, it was almost like a Greek tragedy that had just one ending. Here you have MacArthur who knew what you needed to do and was convinced from the bottom of his soul that there is no substitute for victory. And, if that meant laying his career on the line, so be it. And, that that's the only way I can think of it, that he was trying to have the United States give full backing to the forces in Korea. If that meant not hamstringing him, letting hot pursuit over the Yalu River, instead of allowing the Manchurian sanctuary to pilots, who we now know were Russian pilots, flying Soviet migs .. And if it meant committing forces from Formosa of Chiang Kai-shek, so be it. And, he was willing to stake his reputation and his career on it, and all I can think that was going through his mind, that he really believed there is no substitute for victory. And, the fact that we did not win a victory in Korea and suffered a stalemate at best. Who knows what the implications were years in Vietnam.

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