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Carol Petillo on: The Magic of West Point
Carol Petillo Q: What do you suppose West Point meant to him? What did it mean to graduate and to have been part of that elite corps?

PETILLO: If you had been in love with flags and bugles since your first memories, then to graduate from West Point would surround yourself with everything that you'd fantasized about all your life. I mean to go there today is enough to sort of inspire martial feelings among those of us who don't usually have martial feelings. I think he loved the ceremony. I think he loved the uniform he wore.

It was one of those points in his life where he could sort of stop and say, "This is it." And of course, he talks about West Point with great, great fun for the rest of his life and wears his old West Point robe one West Point robe after another throughout his life. He watches the football team with great attention. He loves being there as Superintendent in the years right after World War I. West Point is magic to Douglas MacArthur.

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