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P. O. Box 6615 AH
220 Allen Street
San Antonio 9, Texas

April 12, 1951

The Hon. Harry S. Truman
President of the United States
The White House
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. President:

Our far-eastern policy must protect either the rights of free nations or British and Communists interests. Without regard to the preferences of most Americans, you have chosen to support the latter.

You have thrown into the trash-pile all that has been accomplished in Japan in the last five years. Our men at Corregidor and Bataan might as well have quit at the beginning.

You have sold us out, just as your noble predecessor sold us out at Yalta, and the Kremlin should give you a 21-gun salute. They probably will -- aimed right at our bewildered forces in Korea.

If the letter of a single constituent will persuade my senators or my representative in Congress to support a motion for your impeachment, that letter is in the mail.

Your dismissal of Douglas MacArthur confirms your devotion to Communist Russia and Socialist England. Even a yes-man for the Kansas City boys should not be required to kow- tow to all the rest of the world.

You have kicked out, with insults, the most brilliant, courageous and successful man representing our country abroad. (Have you heard any report lately about how we are regarded in Germany, France, Italy and England - as compared with Japan?)

You have fired a man whose first and whole devotion has been to the best Interest of our country. (He didn't think about the Democratic vote in Missouri.) He has done a top job, but he couldn't be red-taped. So he got fired, and the hell with U.S.A. Harry is top-boy, and he has to prove it. Why stop with Formosa? Let's give them Japan, and Hawaii, and Alaska - and why not the Panama Canal?

Yours sincerely, (and don't bother with the form letter reply)

Elizabeth Wood

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