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Web Sites | Books

The Apollo Program at the Kennedy Space Center
This NASA site covers all aspects of the Apollo program including the program goals, chronologies, summaries, images, press kits, technical drawings and more.

Human Space Flight -- Apollo History
Learn about the history of the Apollo program by reading summaries of the missions at this easy-to-use site from NASA.

Exploring the Moon: Apollo Missions
This site from the Lunar and Planetary Institute focuses on the scientific data gathered in the Apollo moon landings. It presents summaries of the missions and their lunar experiments at a general level. Access timelines, maps, photographs, and links to higher level research.

The Apollo Program at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
The National Air and Space Museum presents summaries, images, and audio-visual features for all of the Apollo missions, their crews and their spacecrafts, including a list of which museums currently display Apollo spacecraft.

NOVA: To the Moon
The PBS science series explores the science and engineering behind the moon race. The Web site has QTVRs of all six moon landings, photographs, audio interviews with astronauts and lunar puzzlers.

Encyclopedia Astronautica
This comprehensive resource on space exploration includes many primary sources, articles, chronologies, and news about contemporary space missions.

Web Sites | Books

Borman, Frank with Robert J. Serling. Countdown: An Autobiography. New York: Morrow, 1988.

Chaikin, Andrew. A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts. New York: Viking, 1994.

Clark, Phillip. The Soviet Manned Space Program. New York: Crown Publishing, 1988.

Godwin, Robert, ed. Apollo 8: The NASA Mission Reports, Compiled from the NASA Archives. Burlington, Ontario: Apogee Books, 2000.

Harvey, Brian. Race into Space: The Soviet Space Programme. Chichester, England, 1988.

Kraft, Chris, Flight: My Life in Mission Control, New York: Dutton, 2001.

Lovell, Jim and Jeffrey Kluger. Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1994.

Shefter, James. The Race: The Definitive Story of America's Battle to Beat Russia to the Moon. London: Century, 1999.

Shepard, Alan and Deke Slayton. Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon. Nashville, Tennessee: Turner Publishing, 1994.

Zimmerman, Robert. Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1998.

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