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What's Your View?

What did the JFK assassination lead to? Share your thoughts on the watershed events of November 1963, the aftermath, and how America changed.

The family of John Kennedy leaves the Capitol after his funeral ceremony.

Young people gathered to watch President Nixon's "Silent Majority" speech on November 3, 1969. © Bettmann/CORBIS

1. Did the Kennedy assassination help or hurt civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. in their quest for racial equality? (334 responses)

50% 50%
49% 49%

2. Did the assassinations of the 1960s lead to the race riots in Watts and Detroit? (292 responses)

72% 72%
27% 27%

3. Which of these 1960s phenomena caused the greatest change to American life? (339 responses)

Sexual revolution and the birth control pill
19% 19%
Power to the people: politics by protest
 8% 8%
Youth rebellion: sex, drugs and rock and roll
17% 17%
Assassinations: JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK
48% 48%
Small planet awareness: food, energy and ecology
 5% 5%








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