American Experience: Partners of the Heart
Early Years: Living with Segregation
Nat Crippens:  video | transcript

And he went across the hall and went to Dr. Blalock's office and said, "I would like my pay." And Dr Blalock said, "Well, why are you going to ask for your pay? You're doing good work." And he said, "The way you talked to me this morning. I can't take that. I wasn't raised that way, My home upbringing wasn't like that, and I want my pay."

Don Doyle
In the end, Vivien Thomas could work or not work for Dr. Blalock. He could go someplace else and Dr. Blalock knew that. If he didn't know that, he was warned.

Nat Crippens
And he actually apologized to this 19-year-old youngster. And he said, "I'll never do that again."

Don Doyle
And it must have been a very delicate operation for each of them to know how to find that way of working together in ways that clearly subverted the rules of the world outside, and yet allowed them to work together.