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Students & Teachers

The film Partners of the Heart and this companion Web site offer insights into topics in American history including the African American experience, race relations, civil rights, segregation, medical advances, careers in science and medicine, the great depression, World War II, role models and mentoring, collaboration, resilience, and more. Use part or all of the film, or delve into the rich resources available on this Web site to learn more, either in a classroom or on your own.

Access these special features designed for students and teachers:

A Protégé's Perspective
Dr. Levi Watkins, one of the nation's top cardiac surgeons, talks about his mentor, Vivien Thomas.

Questions and Answers
Read Dr. Watkins' replies to the students' questions.

Resource Guide
Download a 29-page collection of teaching ideas, readings, and the stories of people who have overcome obstacles to find success in medicine and science.

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