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Shock Year: 1968

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July 1
Nuclear Weapons Treaty

Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, agreeing not to transfer nuclear weapons to other nations or aid other nations in the development of nuclear weaponry. U.S. and Soviet diplomats plan to meet in late September to further pursue President Lyndon Johnson's proposed Strategic Arms Limitations Talks (S.A.L.T.).

Tiant Strikeout Feat July 3
Tiant Strikeout Feat

Cleveland Indians pitcher Luis Tiant sets a Major League Baseball record by striking out 19 Minnesota Twins batters over 10 innings.

Plans for D.N.C. Protest July 7
Plans for D.N.C. Protest

Abbie Hoffman publishes an article titled, "The Yippies are Going to Chicago," announcing his group's plan to hold an anti-war "Festival of Life" in contrast with what it terms the "Festival of Death" at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The Yippies have become known for their public protests, which have included disrupting trading at the New York Stock Exchange and destroying clocks in New York's Grand Central Terminal.

Opening Up to China July 12
Opening Up to China

Vice President Hubert Humphrey calls for an end to trade restrictions with China and a shift of U.S. policy away from "confrontation and containment" of the Communist nation to one of "reconciliation and engagement."

July 15
Aeroflot Arrives

Commercial air travel begins between New York and Moscow when the first plane to fly the route, a Soviet Aeroflot jet, lands at Kennedy International Airport in New York.

July 20
First Special Olympics

The First International Special Olympic Games, organized by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, is held at Chicago's Soldier Field. Over 1,000 athletes from the United States and Canada compete.

July 25
Pope Condemns the Pill

The Pope issues Humanae Vitae ("Of Human Life"), a document condemning the birth control pill. Despite concern in some quarters that the drug is destroying American morals, Pill sales surpass $150 million in 1968.

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