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Toni Anderson, Music Historian, on
George White

Toni Anderson Talk about George White.

Anderson : George White came to Fisk initially as a teacher, as a music teacher. It wasn’t until a year after he had been involved with the institution that he assumed the role of treasurer. And then he kept up his working with the choir. He was a teacher of music and penmanship, and he was excellent at both. And later, as time went on, his choir improved. There’s evidence of that. The choir improved. The financial situation deteriorated. So the question remains, how much of that possibly was due to his lack of skill as a treasurer. I’m not confident that he was the best at running the finances. But as things deteriorated, from his correspondence it’s evident that he feels personally responsible for that. And to White, the best thing that had happened at Fisk, the only thing that had happened at Fisk that had brought in money, was his choir. They had performed a couple of concerts in the area, and they always raised money. They may not have always raised enough money to clear expenses. They didn’t necessarily turn a profit. But they made money.

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