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Robin Stuart on: The Impact of the Incident
Robin Stuart Q: Did the accident change you in any way?

RS: I think the accident left a mark on anyone that lives in this area. It left marks that we'd like to forget and never will. Unfortunately, it put a stigma on this area for some people when in reality it could have happened anywhere and it could have been any community, but, sadly, that's one connection to the rest of the world for this community now. I'm sure a lot of older Americans who had been through the war or the wars had already had the wake-up call of immortality. I had not yet had that wake-up call. That was probably my first. And the value of life and how much one has to, if you're not going to be an activist, how you need to at least begin to learn and pay attention to things that have more of an important role in your life than you care to entertain in your thoughts.

Q: Do you have lingering concerns about your health or your neighbors' health?

RS: Well, after 20 years, I don't believe I have any lingering concerns about my health. I can't speak on behalf of the people who were closer or who were south of Middletown. I wouldn't want to speak for them. I suppose one just thinks if nothing has happened by now, nothing will. And I don't know anyone who feels or claims to have any health problems from the accident.

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