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Jean Ponder Allen (1:35) video | transcript

Since the time of the war in Vietnam, I have continued to oppose and be an opponent of the war in Vietnam and other wars that I feel have been unwisely and ignobly gotten into by our country. I don't even know that then I was much of an activist. I was never in a march; I was never with a group that planned to do something; but, yes, I did continue to oppose the war, I did not change my mind about that. I've had many years to reflect upon my decisions and my actions. I've had a lot of time to sort through things and realize where I acted stupidly and in haste, foolishly and cruelly, but I have never changed my mind about the wrongness of the war in Vietnam and I am convinced to this day, that wars can be justified, but it is incumbent upon our leaders to take the utmost care before they commit our citizens to such a devastating enterprise.

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