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Jane Brotman (1:11) video | transcript

I don't think even ten or twenty seconds lapsed when all of a sudden the police stormed the building and I remember they had these billy clubs and they were breaking the glass doors of the Commerce Building and they started beating people up, anyone who was in front of them. And people were trying to get out of the building and as the people were trying to get out, they were beating people up with billy clubs and it was a horrifying scene.

It felt like it went on for a very, very, very long time and I saw people being... their heads were bleeding. I saw people screaming. I saw police dragging people, women by their hair on the ground, and it was the most brutal and violent thing I had ever witnessed in my life up until then and continues to be the most brutal and violent thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I found out later that about 65 people were sent to the hospital as a result of this episode.

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