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Jack Cipperly (1:15) video | transcript

I think the galvanizing experience for everyone there was when the police entered the buildings with the clubs and that's why I think it changed dramatically for some time, as an opposition to the war in Vietnam to the bloody stick and the invasion on the campus of the police which was just unexpected and completely unacceptable in the minds of many faculty and students.

So there was a galvanizing experience as a result of this. It melded the diverse constituencies into one opposition to this tactic and, of course, it was such a demonstrable tactic, where as people were being hauled out who had been hit, there were people screaming, others who were back in the crowd outside couldn't tell what was happening, but they knew something bad was happening and then the tear gas. The tear gas had another galvanizing effect because people weren't expecting that, were unfamiliar... all of a sudden a tear gas canister lands next to them. It's a transforming experience. They didn't think that would part of their college experience.

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