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Diane Sikorski Kramer (2:11) video | transcript

On October 20th I remember being in my bedroom and the doorbell rang and my dad and stepmom were at the kitchen table having coffee so I answered the door and there were two little windows in the front wooden door and I peeked out and I saw a soldier in uniform and I knew right then on the spot that that was not a soldier coming to visit and my heart just fell to my feet because I knew, I just knew why he was there.

And when I opened the door I asked him to step inside and he did and he asked me if Edmund Sikorski was home and I told him to come in. I went in the kitchen and told my dad that a soldier was here to see him and the look on my dad's face, I'm sure he thought exactly what I thought. And he came in the living room with my stepmother and when the soldier, I don't remember if he asked us to sit down, I don't really remember, I just remember that he was giving the bad news.

All I could hear, my head went blank and I remember just being so cold and shaking and just holding my arms real tight, I didn't want to hear it. And I do remember him saying, "Killed in action" and that after he said that, I don't really remember much of anything. I just remember standing there like I was just stripped naked and just there.

And my dad was yelling from deep in his heart, "Oh God! No, not Danny. Why couldn't God take me instead?"

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