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Clark Welch (1:00) video | transcript

At exactly ten o'clock -- and I looked at my watch, within minutes after that my watch was shot off so I don't know other times, I'd estimate -- but it was at ten o'clock, [there was] a tremendous burst of fire, right after I'd heard, "We see seven running down the road, we're going to go get them." I told my guys, "He sees seven, we know there's 70 there, get down, spread out. This is it." And then just KWHAM, [a] tremendous burst of small arms, machine gun, rocket propelled grenade -- the RPGs that they're still using today -- claymore mines, the large homemade explosives cast into the bottom of a 55 gallon drum. Just tremendous explosions. The trees were being knocked down, [a] 50 caliber machine gun was firing at them -- through them -- and into us. I was getting people hurt but nobody killed and then I went up to Alpha Company and said, "Jesus Christ, the Alpha Company's gone."

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