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Clark Welch (0:50) video | transcript

The rest of my time in the Army -- I stayed in the Army -- my anger at what had gone wrong and the opportunity to fix it, I knew that I could only fix it for ten guys, but if I can stay in another couple of years I can fix it for thirty guys, then I can fix it for fifty guys and then I can fix it for a hundred, maybe someday I'll lead a brigade in combat and can fix it for seven thousand guys -- I never got a chance to do that -- but I stayed in to make it better for those few people that I could influence. I knew it was screwed up. The same reason that other people would get out, "Screw it, I'm getting out." That's a good solution, that's better than, "This is screwed up but I'm going to go along with it so I can retire someday." No, I fought it and stayed in and did have that anger.

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