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Tom Turnipseed, Wallace Staff on
his own regrets

Tom Turnipseed Q:Do you regret your own involvement?

A: Yes, I very much regret my having been involved in the Wallace campaign. Not because of the people involved. I like George Wallace as a person. I admired his speech-making ability and his energy to get out there and being involved in the Democratic process. And I wouldn't give the world for all the fine people that I met that were involved in the Wallace campaign, good folks. But I really regret the fact that the basis of that campaign was fear. And it was the fear of change. It was the fear of African American people in this country and the civil rights movement. And the fear of the peace movement in this country had a lot to do with the dynamics of it and I do regret it. And since that time, I worked very, very hard to change it, you know, to change my part in the little bit that I can.

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