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American Experience - Woodrow Wilson
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1856 - 1859  1860 - 1869 1870 - 1879 1810 - 1889 1890 - 1899 1900 - 1919 1910 - 1919 1920 - 1924
Ludlow Massacre Wilson administration continues to pass major reforms D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation premieres
Wilson enacts many progressive reforms
Chinese Republic is proclaimed The Titanic sinks Alice Paul and Lucy Burns organize a suffrage parade The Wilson administration begins government-wide segregation
The first issue of The Crisis Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated William Monroe Trotter Lusitania sunk
Standard Oil Company dismantled Presidential Election of 1912 Major Legislative Victories Cubism
Francisco Madero calls for insurrection against President Porfirio Diaz Wilson's wife, Ellen Axson Wilson, dies Wilson marries Edith Bolling Galt

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