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Is America's Ballroom Challenge available on VHS or DVD?

Unfortunately, no. The expense of clearing music rights prevents us from offering this program on VHS or DVD.

When will America's Ballroom Challenge broadcast (or repeat) near me?

Each public television station schedules its programming independently, so please check with your local station to find broadcast times. Our stationfinder tool may help.

How can I find dance events in my community?

We don't have a comprehensive list of ballroom dance events around the country, but hope the links in our resources section at will help you find what you need.

What was that song?

We used more than 40 songs over the course of this two-hour special. Due to overwhelming demand, we will post a music list after the special has aired.



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When to Watch

America's Ballroom Challenge fourth season premieres on:
February 25, 2009
Check your local listings

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