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Adam Levy John Raitt Awards for Youth Cypress, CA

How did you get into theater?

Since I can remember I have been singing and dancing around the living room… At the age of five, my mom put me in a community theater group where I performed in my first musical "Oliver!" I was given the title role, which was frightening, but so incredibly rewarding. That show sparked something in me that I was never willing to give up and it is that passion inside me that keeps me determined and driven.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

My biggest hero in entertainment is Lindsay Mendez. She graduated from my high school and has been successful ever since. It is incredible, for me, to see someone whose footsteps I am following… I look at her work and it reassures me that I can do it too.

Another hero of mine is Stephen Sondheim. His work is unparalleled to any other composer, in my opinion. His pieces are all beautiful and unique in their own way and I respect him so much for his dedication to his work.

Special Skills

Intermediate Spanish, soccer, tennis, tap dance, beginning taekwondo, various dialects, typing, track, technical skills, baking, event planning, ballet partnering

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