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Brittany Dankwa Shuler Hensley Awards/The Georgia High School Musical Theater Awards Fairburn, GA

What is it about the character you’re playing that you identify with?

One of my most memorable moments was singing “I’m Here” for the first time on stage in front of my director, Mr. Connor. It was almost as if I had completely forgotten about the notes of the song because I was listening to the words of the song very intently. It wasn’t until after rehearsal that those words meant more to me than I thought and it was up to me to use that to tell the story of Celie. Being homeless and not knowing which way to go or where your next smile was going to come from made me relate to the thoughts and actions of Celie. I was able to connect with her and myself throughout the process on a level that can sometimes cause harm to the individual. I even learned some things about myself that I didn’t know before. I became a stronger individual because I realized that some of the things that she has gone through never happened to me and yet she still had faith so I needed to strengthen my faith. I see life in a more humble way now than I did before because she always put everyone before her.

Special Skills

Speaks an African language (Twi), braids hair, plays guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, great Spanish accent.

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