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David Nicholson Spotlight on Stars Acton, MA

How did you get into theater?

In second grade, my music teacher played the "Cats" soundtrack for us… I came home and asked my Mom if we could get the DVD. I wanted to see the “cats” my teacher told us about that sang and danced to the incredible music… After months of singing and dancing to "Cats" around the house, the show came to Boston… The moment the orchestra started and the jellicle cats came out that night, I was transformed. In eighth grade, a local theater group was auditioning for "Cats." I couldn’t pass it up; I knew I had to be a part of the show that pulled me into world of musical theater. I was cast as my favorite cat — Rum Tum Tugger!

Tell us about your family.

My mom owns a production company. When I got into theater, she jumped in as well but on the management end... Her production company now manages major dance conventions in the northeast bringing choreographers like tWitch, Kenny Wormald and Eddie Morales together with kids/young adults who love to dance.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

One hero in the world of entertainment is definitely Hunter Foster. I find many similarities between the roles Foster has played and roles I’ve wanted to play or have played. I appreciate the way he is able to bring such emotion to his acting and his singing… Another hero is Neil Patrick Harris… He is the one person I truly look at and say “That’s the kind of performer I want to be.” He seems to do so much effortlessly, and do it so well! For those reasons, I try every day to gain more experience to reach a level close to the success he has achieved.

Special Skills

Play piano, compose music, basketball

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